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Image by Ryan Tauss

Project O/\

The Outcast Archetype

Project O/\: Past Events

Outcast #1: Sadakiyo

20th Century Boys

“It was very nostalgic. Even though I hadn’t lived there long, nor did I have many good memories…and so, I encountered them. I walked past several of my classmates. None of them noticed me. I was all alone…I called my “Friend”. He said he was busy studying and couldn’t see me. I told him that nobody had noticed me. And then he said, “I made up a rumor that you were dead.” I was dead…I truly no longer existed. I disappeared from everyone’s memories, and they would never think of me again…”

Outcast #2: Charlie Kelmeckis

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

"Just tell me how to stop it...Seeing it...All their lives, all the time. Just, how do you stop seeing it?... There is so much pain, and I don't know how to not notice it...No, not me. It's them. It's everyone. It never stops. Do you understand?"

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