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November 24, 2022: Welcome Home Little Brother

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

It's been over a year since I lost my family. You didn't lose them, they lost you. Shut up! You shut up! You're boring the readers. No one cares about you or me. That dumb doctor bitch Stevenson told you to write in a journal like you actually commit to that shit. Looks who's talking lolo! What do you think we're doing now? You're no different than me. Are you dumb? You must be because I literally just said that. But whatever the floor is yours. Tell your fucking story.

"God I hate that nigga. FUCK!"

"Don't you think you're talking a little too loud there buddy?

"I'm sorry, don't I have the floor?"

"You're right, I'm sorry."

Where was I? It's been a year...Right. So much has changed. I'm living on "my own" now in this two-bedroom apartment. Don't ask me how I can afford it. "Friend" here won't tell me the deets. All I know is that he inherited it during my last blackout. Which as you can tell from my last entry has gotten much much longer. So much for my apology. That shit didn't work at all. It worked just fine for me. While Shai here was "sleeping", I was testing the waves. Sure maybe I went a little hard for the boy, but that's what big brothers do. We handle the bullshit so the little one doesn't have to. If anything, he should be thanking me. I stepped up in areas where he couldn't. I went from being the younger twin that no one gave a fuck about, to the much older cool attractive brother that you can't get outta ya head. Pun intended. So yeah, while he's telling his side, just remember, I run this shit. Someone wants to be the older brother so bad. Haha as if. He thinks that just because he experienced my 18th birthday and now 19th birthday today, means that he's older than me. But if I use that same logic on the flip side, wouldn't that only make him 2?

"Exactly. Who's the big brother now?"

"Whatever bro. Just open the goddamn door!"

"Uh no. I have the floor. I'll open the goddam door when I want to."


"Haha sorry I couldn't help it."

"I hate you."

"Haha, welcome home little brother."

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